Why book through Domestina?

The Domestina platform gives you the opportunity to:

  • Conveniently choose from different services in one place;
  • Quickly compare between the offers of many cleaning companies;
  • Easy online instant booking;

Which services can be booked?

  • Housemaids - the housemaid does the housework for which you no longer have time. Suitable to regularly maintain household cleanliness or help on special occasions;
  • Express Cleaning - Light Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning - it is usually executed by a team of two to four people using professional detergents and machines. Suitable for either before or after tenants, after long absence, and others;
  • Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning - treatment is done with special machines that simultaneously wash with water and detergent and suck out the water. After washing, the upholstery dries up completely in only a few hours;
  • After Renovation Cleaning - for very dirty surfaces with traces from repair works - adhesives, silicone, grease, etc. Special machines and professional detergents are used;
  • Window Cleaning - best possible care for your windows, window frames and blinds. It is carried out with professional detergents and equipment;
  • Bathroom Cleaning - descaling and mold removal, cleaning of the tile joints, thorough cleaning of toilet bowl, bidet, bath tub and shower cabin;
  • Oven and Fridge Cleaning - cleaning of oven, kitchen hoods, hobs, fridge and microwave with professional detergents;
  • Housemaid Recruitment - selection and training of full time or par time housemaid/housekeeper for your home;
  • Car Upholstery Cleaning - done at the customer's location, the upholstery dries for several hours. Depending on the provider, you may need to provide access to electricity and running water;

How to book?

First you have to choose the type of service you will book. Then:

  • Enter your location;
  • Select what exactly needs to be done;
  • Select provider by price and rating;
  • Pick from the free dates and hours of the provider;
  • Book online;

What are the prices?

The price depends on the exact parameters of your order. Once you enter them in the order process, you will see offers from the companies, which can execute it. You can compare all providers in one place and choose the one best suited to you.

In which cities you can make a booking?

Different services are offered in different cities, only after you select a service, you'll be able to check if it is available in your city.